Jewellery Transformation & Re-Design Services

It's time to give a new life to inherited jewellery, old fashioned designs,  broken pieces, scrap metal and everything else. 
Each piece created will be truly unique, personal and very Sentimental.
Our speciality is to Melt & Remodel your precious items into brand new designs to suit your taste.
We are always happy to advise and consider with you all options available.
Sometimes, it doesn't need much to make the Difference: 
a new stone, a change of colour with plating, cutting or adding details 

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Ashes into Jewellery

In a modern tribute to Victorian memorial jewellery, you can have your loved ones ashes incorporated into bespoke silver and gold jewellery.

This personal service combines ashes into precious metal by melting them together to become invisible to the eye. It is even possible to reuse sentimental jewellery which results in an immensely personal item for the wearer.

The jewellery created can be resized or repaired if needed and can also include stones and hallmark so that a long lasting tribute is created in memory of the person who is mourned.

We can also provide an engraving service where original messages in the person’s own handwriting can be placed on the piece. This service can also be used to engrave hand or footprints which make a particularly suitable memorial for a child.

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