Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer most of your questions here but please feel free to contact us on 07762980602 if you have any other queries.


We can be found  in Studio 11 at the Red House Cone, High Street, Amblecote, Stourbridge, DY8 4AZ.

There is a small car park opposite the Cone and a bus stop just outside.

There is a lovely cafe on site which serves drinks, lunches and home made cake.

There are also toilet facilities on site. 


The studio is an old building and can be chilly so please wear layers if the weather is cold.

As you are working with metal you will need sensible closed toe shoes, tight sleeves and be able to tie your hair back if it is long. Please try not to wear fake nails as they can be torn.

We are happy to discuss special themes and alternative dates for workshops  - although these do need a minimum of three people to attend.

We can also arrange one to one tuition if you wish to develop your own skills.  


We work with any precious metal and can also reset or supply stones. Any services that we can not do in the Studio can be supplied by our extensive contacts in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. 

Resizing or polishing can be normally be done while you wait but we will always give you an estimate of the time needed for more complicated repairs.  

Our price list is on display in the Studio and we will talk over costs with you before starting work.

Commissions and Transformations.

We are happy to undertake commissioned pieces of jewellery so that you have a totally unique and personal piece. The initial discussion will not be rushed so you can be sure that you have the correct design. We can send several ideas for you to ponder and can provide pictures of other pieces we have made for inspiration. Work will only start when you have approved the final design.

These commissions can be made with new metal or we can reuse any broken pieces that belong to you. They will be melted down and any metal that is not used will be either returned to you or  the scrap value can be put against the invoice. 

We can also transform older, sentimental pieces that are no longer worn. This may include melting the pieces together to create a new piece, such as taking two old wedding rings and combining them into a new one or changing the piece into a more suitable form, such as making a ring into a brooch. 

Different colours and grades of metal can be melted together although the final carat and colour can not be predicted. There may also be some tiny visible marks in the finished piece due to the nature of the process. Platinum in particular is difficult to work with and can not always be successfully remelted.  

Transformations can be hallmarked but we can not guarantee the hallmark after melting as the Birmingham Assay Office have the final say. For instance, we find that 18ct melt is often returned from the Assay Office as a 14ct piece. 

We will try to reuse stones from old rings if you wish but as the original piece may not be sound we can not guarantee that there will not be a hidden fragility within the stone. We will do our best. 


Please see our shop policy for a full list of guarantee timings.